Our team was the first to pioneer the use of barrier materials in films for covering silage.

Protecting a farmer’s investment in forage harvest means protecting the forage from degradation. The team at Passion Ag was the first to pioneer the use of oxygen barrier materials which greatly restricts oxygen contact with silage thereby significantly reducing waste in the top layers of a bunk or pile.

Our team was also the first to implement 9-layer technology in silage covers, enabling us to manufacture high-barrier films with superior mechanical properties. We manufacture with the most advanced technology and utilize only class-leading raw materials to ensure unique and beneficial product characteristics.

Passion Films

We believe superior forage quality is the key to meeting the nutrient demands of a high-producing cow and therefore, base our forage management system around products that support a dairy nutritional program. The goal is to ensure superior silage is available to the cow year-round. Passion Film is a premium product that offers exceptional silage protection.

Passion Protection

Harsh weather can be tough to handle and even tougher to try controlling. Our woven and non-woven protective covers are manufactured specifically for the rigors of farm handling.

Passion Accessories

With emphasis on sealing, these extras help to endure your silage is securely sealed from oxygen. When using an Oxygen Barrier, these become even more important.