Technology is our PASSION

Our research team constantly looks for gaps in silage science which we can actively try to fill. At the same time, we diligently assess and validate the capability of new products so that we can add to the knowledge of the industry. Farmers worldwide have peace of mind knowing that our products have been rigorously evaluated by universities and research facilities and have proven themselves in field trials on farms of all sizes.

Raise Contented Cows 

We understand the importance of feeding the cow. Contented cows produce milk and stay healthy in every aspect. Forage is the foundation of the diet, and by focusing on improving this key component we help to lay the foundations for success.

Join Our Fruitful Farmers

At Passion Ag we make every effort to meet our customers’ unique needs while providing technical advice related to all aspects of silage management. We endeavour to find the perfect solution for our  customers’ problems, forage, climate and local  conditions, and always offer ongoing customer support and assistance to ensure the best possible long-term results. We endeavour to find the perfect solution for our customers’ problems, forage, climate and local conditions, and always offer ongoing customer support and assistance to ensure the best possible long term results.

Real Life Research & Development

We have over 30 years experience testing products in real world agricultural conditions, leveraging our links with land based research establishments and working with manufacturers to adapt innovations to local markets.

True Market Analysis

Operating globally, we explore local markets to discover and report on potential, to determine required route to market to maximise potential and to provide understanding of local needs and wants.

Global Distribution

Once satisfied there is a real and measurable benefit to the end user, we can assist with putting in place a distribution network that builds long term relationships between people and businesses.