Get it done

Get it done!

Whatever you do, execute with focus and follow through on promises

We are proactive people who take the initiative, work hard and solve problems for our Team and for our customers. We have confidence in our ability to efficiently accomplish and complete in a timely and effective manner. We will go the extra mile to get the job done and help others where we can.


Maintain Focus

Determine what is important & do not be distracted

We are fully engaged with attention to detail on the plan and its outcome. We focus on the things that are important, whether in the way we behave or the results that we need to achieve. Nothing distracts us from our priorities.


Embrace Innovation

Proactively find ways to do things better

We are always willing to learn and embrace change or new ways of working positively. We create new ideas, methods and more efficient processes to problem solve and to help the team, the business and our customers achieve their goals. We believe that there is always something more that we can do to improve the outcome. We are ambitious and evolve through being adaptive. We constantly push ourselves to progress & make a positive impact in our work.


Seek & use Knowledge

Work hard to gain Knowledge and use it for the good of others

We learn constantly to build better, stronger businesses and relationships. Through taking time to listen, being supportive and sharing our skills, we are dedicated to growing the business of our customers & supplier partners and achieving customer satisfaction. We listen, learn, grow confidence and build trust.


Pass on Your Passion!

Use your Passion to fuel your success

Passion is contagious. It fuels our business – in everything we do. Product, people, and place drive us in how we think, talk, make decisions and act. We work with our suppliers and customers, treating their businesses and products as an extension of our own. We have an enthusiasm and excitement for everything we do and demonstrate to all around us that we believe in our convictions.


Respect every Voice

Put others first and Respect both people & nature around you

Each team member is valued equally and brings an essential purpose to achieving our collective mission. We all listen to, consider and be courteous towards others’ views, considerations, and choices. We always work without bias. We build a positive working environment through hard work and respect; we always treat our suppliers and customers with equal admiration and mutual trust. Success can only be achieved through collectively working together as one big team.

Extra Mile

Be Willing to go the extra mile!

Have a Willingness to do what is required in a selfless and helpful manner

We are willing to do what needs to be done to achieve for oneself, the team, the business, the customer and the better good. We are willing to do what is right for others and to help others. In fact, we are willing to attempt anything, and particularly if it is a job that needs doing, something that helps us to improve & learn, something that we are passionate about, or something that enables us to demonstrate our respect for others.