A dedicated businessman, Simon puts a tremendous amount of time and energy into everything he does and this can be seen in the fantastic results that he has achieved as well as the benefits brought to those with whom he has worked.

Simon grew up with a strong desire to be closely involved with agriculture and showed typical farmer initiative as well as business acumen from an early age, developing a small poultry business and working part time on a local farm while still at school. During college Simon showed a particular strength for taking new ideas, developing and fine tuning them and applying them to improve on farm financial performance.

Upon leaving college, Simon immediately launched a career in farm management specialising in dairying. This enabled him to build experience in people management, at the same time as working long hours, laying strong foundations for future business requirements.

Seeing a gap in knowledge transfer between academic research and on farm implementation of new information, Simon entered the ag business world in order to help improve this situation. He built a very successful business from the ground up which has become scientifically influential within international agriculture. Simon has changed the way that farmers and nutritionists work globally and how they view home grown crops, which has played a significant role in enabling livestock producers to feed their animals more efficiently.

Through his business dealings, he has helped to increase scientific knowledge and has invested a large amount of money into new research projects which have proven beneficial to the ag industry. He has co-authored a number of peer reviewed scientific papers. In his specialism, Simon has significantly raised the bar for farmers to achieve, and enjoys helping them over that bar.

For many years Simon has proven to be a unique and knowledgeable businessman. In business he has aptly demonstrated that he gets most enjoyment from helping others to become successful and he leaves in his wake many people, at all levels, who can attest to this and who would not be where they are today without Simon’s passion.

Simon continues to strive for more knowledge in order to broaden his sphere of influence and reach out to more people in more agricultural disciplines.

Although he doesn’t get much spare time due to his love of work, Simon enjoys spending it helping out friends and family as well as flying his model helicopters from his farm.

David grew up on a family farm in New Zealand and has a keen interest in agriculture of all types.  He has an MSc in Agricultural Science, a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Studies and a BSc in Computing.  He has 20 years experience in the international agricultural industry in technical advisory and sales roles.  During this time he has worked directly with farmers and trade customers.  With farmers, David has advised on ruminant nutrition and diet formulation and been involved in consultancy services regarding general farm management.  He also has many years experience with trade customers facilitating new product introductions and market development.  He has been involved with new product launches and rebrands as well as the development of new markets in multiple countries.

Formerly a keen rugby player, age has now relegated David to being a keen supporter.  He has played international rugby and has coached a number of teams from young children to adults.  He also takes an interest in many other sports and enjoys the competitive nature of sport.  David is also interested in the psychology of sport and how a good team dynamic can cross over into building a better business.

With over 25 years’ national and international experience in agriculture, including a decade spent as an arable and livestock farmer, Sean’s determination to bring new knowledge and technology to the industry are his driving force. Gaining practical skills and experience working on livestock, fruit and arable farms as a young man inspired him to go onto higher education at Harper Adams Agriculture College. After graduating college, his professional activities include working for a large international agricultural manufacture and supply company, initially a farm sales rep before quickly moving into a role as a Technical Manager, enabling him to gain experience in product supply management. Subsequent experience as a director of a farm business in France and, as a Commercial & Operations Manager with an import and export business trading multinational allowed him to develop new knowledge in the international supply chain environment.

A family man, spending as much quality time enjoying his kids and their various activities as is possible, Sean also manages to coach junior rugby, play some touch rugby and get out on his bike, the latter allowing time to reflect on recent achievements and to envisage success with future prospects.