Premium UV cover (green) – this is especially recommended for countries which have a lot of sunny days. It is a tightly woven material and its heavier weight combined with advanced raw material formula assures a longer life.

Once sheeted, silage bunkers and piles need to be sealed effectively. Gravel bags are much cleaner and easier to use than tyres, while at the same time providing a good amount of weighting. Gravel bags provide a much better seal around the outside edges. When used correctly and combined with protective covers, they can be used to reduce the amount of labour required for covering and sealing.

We offer a range of gravel bags to suit all applications. These vary in size, features, and life expectancy.

Standard UV cover (green) – although lighter than the Premium UV cover, this product still protects the film beneath from UV light and from physical damage. It is ideal for more temperate climates (i.e. less sunny ones!), like the UK.