With a 45 micron thickness, this has the cling and the stretch to prevent air pockets while at the same time it is super strong for easy application. and provides a good seal for clamped forage.

A second layer must be used to protect from UV light; a top sheet of one of Passion Film’s green UV covers is recommended.

Passion Film Gold is the preferred choice for many types of application, providing the most secure silage system in the world, locking in the nutrients in the forage.

This thicker (80 micron) film is popular in countries where open structure protective covers or nets are used. The light which passes through does not damage the UV protected film. The film acts like a traditional white on black cover but with a gold surface to reflect the light. Due to the heavyweight protecting cover, the film does not need to be as heavy as a stand-alone product.

Designed specifically for baled silage as opposed to clamps, this film is available in a format for machine wrappers and can be used without modification to the existing wrapper.

This is the thickest film in the range, with a 150 micron thickness. It can be used as a stand-alone product as a separate UV cover is not required. It is ideal for hot countries where the white cover helps keep the silage cooler. UV protection can be provided for even the most extreme conditions.