Brimstone 90 is a high analysis fertiliser supplying fine elemental sulphur.

One annual application of Brimstone 90 makes sulphur available to the crop throughout the year; from seed germination through to harvest.

Brimstone 90 is the best performing sulphur bentonite product on the market, thanks to the manufacturing experience, innovation and expertise of the NEAIS team, who maintain the highest quality and specifications.

Soils of high pH in particularly calcareous soils with a high calcium carbonate content result in a poor availability of nutrients to the plant.

Our soil amendment sulphur product is used in many parts of the world as a cost effective solution to achieve improved crop uptake of applied fertiliser, where the action of the sulphur in lowering pH results in greater availability of N, P and K and micronutrients.

Recently introduced to the product range, with a variety of uses, including for liquid fertiliser applications, which pours very well with no dust, and disperses very efficiently in water due to the very small particle sizes (2-5 microns) of micronized sulphur.

In a number of countries our dusting sulphur is registered for use as a fungicide in fruit, vegetables and field crops.